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  1. BEE for QSE's
  2. Strike damages.
  3. UIF maximum earnings ceiling increase
  4. Blitz on EE compliance.
  5. Inspection by DoL.
  6. Global red tape report
  7. If legislation can't be enforced - should it be scrapped?
  8. Teachers need detailed salary advice
  9. Domestic's UIF deadline looms
  10. Managing tax risk
  11. Furthering the profession
  12. Safety inspection blitz on construction companies.
  13. My returns list.
  14. A ply too far
  15. Probation period rules
  16. Why I don't like bargaining councils.
  17. Compulsory registration with bargaining councils.
  18. Sectoral wage determination question.
  19. Home security costs are not tax deductible.
  20. Barter trade accounting
  21. Change in maximum UIF ceiling
  22. UIF maximum earnings ceiling increase 2007
  23. debtors application forms
  24. attachment orders
  25. setting up an employee in business
  26. Relicensing of firearms is proving disarmingly impractical
  27. Domestic worker minimum wage increases
  28. Workmens Compensation Returns
  29. Labour on UIF contributions for domestic workers
  30. When the close corporation structure fails to protect the members.
  31. Bad service mars the "easy" tax return.
  32. SME Status
  33. A labour law case to watch.
  34. Labour on agreement between taxi council and unemployment insurance fund (UIF)
  35. National Strategic Intelligence Amendment Bill
  36. Workmans Compensation Earnings return form
  37. M Tshabalala-Msimang: Publication of Bills for access to affordable healthcare
  38. Paperless tax returns coming?
  39. The consumer protection bill
  40. Labour on taxi workers wage increase
  41. M Mdladlana: Annual Labour Law Conference
  42. CIPRO
  43. Lay-by
  44. Trade and Industry on Competition Amendment Bill
  45. Labour to host Market Seminar Sequel, 31 Oct
  46. New Companies Bill
  47. Has business lost faith in the CCMA?
  48. Help with consumer rights.
  49. Metro ambulance??
  50. Guide to appropriate employee discipline measures
  51. Repackaging the point to suit
  52. Human Rights Commission on Promotion of Access to Information Act
  53. Advice appreciated!!!
  54. K Motlanthe approves Consumer Protection Bill
  55. Labour on bogus company in Free State
  56. Labour inspectors close down North West school
  57. Labour on KwaZulu-Natal Hospital fire
  58. Shift in Goverment thinking
  59. Labour on new wage increase for taxi employees
  60. RICA is back
  61. Lost Contracts
  62. Waste tyre regulations 2009
  63. M Mdladlana on labour brokers campaign
  64. Parliament to hold hearings on labour brokering
  65. Slow paying Unemployment Insurance Fund
  66. [Article] Inspectors equipped to enforce hospitality sectoral determination
  67. garnishee order for my domestic worker
  68. Escrow agents? Regulated or just ethical business practice?
  69. Environmental Affairs on new Air Quality Act
  70. [Question] what does RICA say about web hosting providers & clients?
  71. Swimming Pool Legislation
  72. [Question] Looking for a Lawyer who deals with Trademarks???
  73. No Salary since March, Help Needed
  74. Workmens Compensation vs Professional Liability Insurance
  75. [Question] How do you submit your UIF returns?
  76. Earthing and the CoC
  77. New companies act - effective 01 May 2011?
  78. The new CIPC website (ex CIPRO)
  79. CC's and the new Companies Act
  80. Soliciting work for which you are not licenced to perform
  81. Nashua Mobile and RICA
  82. The Death Penalty
  83. New Companies Act
  84. Fica just not possible given the requirements
  85. Sole Proprietor and Trading Name
  86. [Question] judgement and how to proceed
  87. [Question] Business Scenario Manufacturing
  88. [Question] Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy etc for websites
  89. New Trading As name for "old" CC
  90. [Question] Landlord not fixing water leak
  91. [Question] building plans
  92. Certified copy of an electronic document
  93. Proatia Manual
  94. Public Interest Score, Audit Committe & Non Exec Directors
  95. The Companies Act 71 of 2008: Legal Personality: Lifting the corporate veil
  96. Workmans Comp & SIRA (Help Needed)
  97. Financial Jurisdiction of courts
  98. Selling of Purified Water
  99. KZN Appeals Tribunal - help needed
  100. Summons, notice of intention to defend and plea in practice
  101. Accreditation: Virtual Office: uFiling
  102. Rescission of judgement
  103. Memorandum of Incorporation (New Companies Act (Act 71 of 2008)
  104. Debt: How to claim prescription in practice and how to enter a special plea
  105. [Question] Return of Earnings (WCC/ COIDA)
  106. Coming Clean with SARS
  108. MOI Mess
  109. [Question] CIPC removing a Auditor
  110. Look up your company details on CIPRO
  111. Increase in UIF ceiling 2012
  112. DEADLINE - Reregistration of CC's/Companies
  113. Sell land, but exclude certain portion
  114. Regulations for meetings via Skype/email
  115. [Question] How to Expunge a criminal record?
  116. Traffic fine by employee using company vehicle
  117. [Question] School language policy
  118. CIPC about to deregister again
  119. Emolument on Retrenchment
  120. [Article] Have you amended your MOI and articles of association yet?
  121. Defending a civil action
  122. We need to fight this bill!
  123. Registering your company with the local Municipality
  124. Bitcoin, FICA, SA Regs
  125. Return of earnings - Compensation Fund bank details
  126. Judgement re-instated on years old case
  127. [Question] Trusts and the Master when changing accountant
  128. [Question] Difference between property lodging and transfering
  129. Evacuation alarms
  130. [Question] Judgement assistance
  131. [Question] CC's and New Companies Act - Statutory records
  132. [Question] CIPC - Companies
  133. [Question] Trusts
  134. uFiling return timeout problems
  135. Sellers husband wants to stop sale of stand (site)
  136. [Question] Breach of deed of purchase by seller, help please!
  138. [Question] Regulating Millions ...
  139. [Question] Company in process of deregistration - implication
  140. Anyone with Experience with Customs please help.
  141. Dissolution of Intervivos Trust Help
  142. [Question] Stacking Supervisors
  143. Where does one report fraud of which the auditor of the company had knowledge?
  144. [Question] LEGAL ADVICE PLEASE
  145. SABC, TV Licence and DSTV
  146. [Question] CIPC - submission of forms
  147. Default Received summons - how do I change hearing to another magisterial district?
  148. Rates and VAt on Rental
  149. I can't believe Vodacom still uses this clause in their suretyship agreement!
  150. Summons after debt prescribed - Threats of judgement
  151. [Question] Can a partnership consist of trusts?
  152. SA Citizenship status after divorce
  153. [Question] Outstanding tuition debt
  154. [Question] AARTO Infringement Notice
  155. Sole Owner, Closed Corporation & Pty (Ltd)
  156. EEA4 Reporting on termination
  157. [Question] How does one dispute a letter of demand for debt
  158. [Question] Refusing to pay Levies
  159. How does one dispute / argue s26: Access to company records
  160. [Question] FICA - identification charges
  161. [Question] Besering aan diens
  162. CIPC Annual Returns
  163. Electrical compliance (CoC) and property purchase/transfer
  164. How does an Electrician become able to issue COC's
  165. Legal Tender - the limits
  166. No motor vehicle licence renewal notices being sent out
  167. [Question] Seller in breach of otp
  168. [Question] TV License, "DENATURED" TV
  169. new companies act and AGMs
  170. [Question] Company Name Change?
  171. [Question] Gas hob installation and SANS10142-1 compliance
  172. [Question] Export of food products
  173. Help with Emoluments Attachment order
  174. Relief sought as buyer on attempted repudiation of OTP
  175. Advertising a concept - Legal or Not
  176. Why do we pay UIF when UIF does not pay?
  177. Solar Geyser COC
  178. Liquor License - kzn
  179. The Updated Credit Provider Registration Threshold Are You Still Exempt?
  180. [Question] Authority to File CIPC forms for a company?
  181. New Director Appointments - CIPC
  182. [Question] CIPC
  183. Can client demand for a rented vehicle?
  184. [Question] Appointment of Auditors
  185. [Question] Buying a problem property, vandalised after OTP was signed
  186. [Question] Director Appointments, effective date?
  187. [Question] Board Meetings?
  188. [Question] Electric fence COC
  189. Transferring & Receiving Currency Overseas - Compliance
  190. COC for Home Automation
  191. First board meeting for PTY Ltd
  192. [Question] Pest Control Operator Registration
  193. Director resignations and re-appointments?
  194. Protection of Personal Information Act
  195. [Question] Debit orders and companies who take them early
  196. Time to issue share certificate
  197. How to form a Holding Company
  198. What are the legalities when you are summonsed for debt but you are out of the country?
  199. [Question] Advice needed on 3rd party collections
  200. How to allocate shares on CIPC
  201. Return of Earnings Submission
  202. Hi and require help with transfer of a new small
  203. Summons
  204. COIDA general letter of compliance
  206. [Question] Deceased CC member question
  207. Re: Compensaton Fund Employer Contribution Calculation
  208. August EMP501 now open
  209. [Question] POPI ACT
  210. Competition Commission of SA
  211. Swinburne v Newbee Investments (Pty) Ltd 2010 (5) SA 296 (KZD)-Delictual liability
  212. Check Title Deeds before 25 Feb 2019
  213. question about letters of demand / summons
  214. Outsourcing to Accountant
  215. Article: The South African Legal position of using a firearm in self-defence
  216. Construction Law
  217. Entertainment law
  218. Trusts and the law of contract
  219. Restraint of Trade and the law of contract
  220. Information Technology and the law of contract
  221. Wills
  222. Joint Venture, in the tender environment and contracts that manifest
  223. Does POPI Act protect your information from marketing agents?
  224. Original Shares
  226. Summary judgment
  227. mechanic's lien - Legalese
  228. [Question] Distillery Laws and Regulations
  229. [Question] Business travel inside the province under the current Covid-19 regulations
  230. [Question] Prepaid electricity meter connection
  231. Gas installation regulations.
  232. Summons in the High Court
  233. [Question] Standard for depth of external electrical conduits
  234. Telecoms and power wiring in same wireway
  235. [Article] Annual returns: the difference between AFS and FAS
  236. [Question] How to investigate a school governing body
  237. Legal advise sought - Family Property
  238. Crabtree modular plugs and regulations
  239. Earth wiring for House lights/fans
  240. [Question] Question regarding single phase electrical wiring of premises
  241. Question regarding single phase electrical wiring of premises (Continued)
  242. [Question] Regulation issues in regard to Electric fencing.
  243. [Question] Resignation from CC: Impact wrt SARS versus CIPC - Bringing closure to resignation process
  244. CIPC Beneficial Ownership for Non-Profit