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    Entertainment law

    Entertainment law is a vast field, but ultimately must result in two or more parties entering into a contract, which create rights and obligations. Entertainment law is sometimes referred to as Media Law pertaining to the entertainment industry itself. As a community they have legal needs for a specific audience the entertainment industry. This industry among other legal needs have intellectual property rights and obligations. The parties enter into contracts with each other for various reasons. The entertainment industry is vast and consist of publishing, film, broadcasting, theatre This includes agency rights, artist rights, various breaches of contract. So it’s clear that there are businesses and artists of various kinds who in practice will have various individual based contracts to protect rights, interest and obligations.

    There is a diversity such as artist and composer agreements, various recording related matters such as singing, acting. Key parties to a contract in entertainment law are the employee and the employer in the various forms that they manifest.

    In practice the most common entertainment agreements are:

    Rights to life -story agreement; Option agreement for acquisition of literary rights; Literary rights purchase agreement, Writer partnership agreement; Writer agreement, Writer submission agreement, Co-development agreement, investment agreement, Co-Production agreement; Production services agreement; Production commissioning agreement; Line-producer agreement; Individual Producer agreement; Director agreement; Cast agreement; Crew agreement; Location agreement; Product placement agreement; Editor agreement; Visual effects (VFX) agreement; Music rights licensing agreement; Composer agreement; Distribution licensing agreement; Television broadcasting licence agreement; VOD licensing agreement; Merchandising agreement.
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