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Welcome to The Forum SA Wiki pages.



Our goal is to build a truly South African business related information resource right here at The Forum SA. Hopefully you can find something useful to you - or add your own contribution to a growing library of knowledge.

Some of the information here has been created from content developed in our forum area. Rather than have this information scattered all over our forums, it seemed a good idea to collate and distill that knowledge into a Wiki format here.

Existing Categories

You can find our existing wiki categories here

About The Forum SA

Learn more about The Forum SA and what else we have available on this site by visiting the About The Forum SA page, the Community portal page and our homepage.

Getting started

For those not used to working with Wiki software, there is a list of links below to pages at where you can find out more about some of the more advance features. However, for simple page editing, just click on the edit tab to be able to edit an entire page, or the [ edit ] button found immediately above each section to edit an individual section.

Generally it is better to work on one section at a time if you can help it.

To create a new page, carry out a search for the topic you wish to cover. If it is not found, you will be given an option to start a page on this topic.

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