A trust comes into existence when property is administered or managed by one or more persons on behalf of another. This come into operation when the founder, donor or settlor hands over the control of very specific assets which is to be administered by a trustee(s)
The trustee:

This is the person to whom the trust property is allocated for efficient administration of the reaching or implementing objectives for which it was formed.

The beneficiary

The beneficiary is the individual whose property is managed by the trustee for his/her/its benefit. Trusts can be formed for existing beneficiaries or unborn beneficiaries.

In practice the following trust contracts manifest:

Parties to agreement for family trust ,Testamentary ‘bewind’ trust: founding stipulations, Power of attorney to execute a notarial deed of trust before a notary public; Appearance clause when an agent acts for one or more of the parties to a notarial deed of trust; Notarial deed of trust settling immovable property upon trustees for the benefit of founder’s wife and children; founder excluded from control thereof; trustee’s powers and duties; payment of trust income to beneficiaries at discretion of trustee; Deed of trust executed underhand; Notarial or underhand deed of trust constituting a fund from which donations can be made to charity in general; Notarial deed of trust created for ecclesiastical, charitable and educational purposes; Notarial deed of trust to establish a school; Underhand educational deed of trust; Notarial deed of trust created for the conduct of a business; Deeds of variations; Agreement between a beneficiary and a trustee terminating a trust, the object of the trust having been fulfilled; Notarial deed of assumption by a surviving trustee empowered by deed to appoint a new trustee in place of a deceased trustee; Notarial addendum to a notarial deed of trust appointing an additional trustee; Notarial deed revoking a trust and discharging the trustees, the settled property reverting to the founder; Settlement clauses in an antenuptial contract;