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Thread: Lost Contracts

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    Lost Contracts

    A labour law related question.

    When you buy a company and the previous owners have lost the employees contracts, what would I need from the previous employer to say they lost miss placed the contracts?

    Thanking you in advance


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    Perhaps a sworn affadavit and a discount?

    Perhaps the seller could also provide a template of the standard employment contract used.

    I don't see how that would solve the labour relations problem this poses, though. Surely you need to get all the staff to sign new contracts?

    I can think of a few circumstances where "losing" those employment contracts could be pretty convenient to the seller and something of a headache for the purchaser.

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    Losing a contract is actually a load of BS. However the employees must have copies of their contracts. Now if both the previous owner and employees lost their contracts then there is something really fishy going on and I would investigate first.

    Also you just don’t lose contracts! Think about this one it might not be as innocent as it appears to be.

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