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Thread: Furthering the profession

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    Furthering the profession

    The role of Regulatory Affairs professionals is defined by their duty to advise individuals and organizations regarding the appropriate regulatory context for actions they may want to take. Competent regulatory professionals lend credibility to the profession by demonstrating they have the knowledge, experience, dedication and flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing realm of the regulatory profession.

    To further knowledge of the profession, various Regulatory Affairs organizations organize seminars and workshops. These are designed to introduce the profession of Regulatory Affairs as a viable and challenging career choice for individuals with education and experience in diverse fields like science, medicine, law, engineering, automotive, business, healthcare, etc. Regulatory professionals are also expected to help further the profession by encouraging others to pursue a career in Regulatory Affairs. Participating in conferences and college career seminars can help achieve this objective.

    No specific degree or career path ensures success in the regulatory profession. No college degree or basic seminar can "make" a Regulatory Affairs professional - the title is earned through experience and hard work. As the profession grows and more individuals join the profession, it will be interesting to see where this diversity takes them.
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    The website in the link is a bit vague on details. Pretty well a registration form before you get any details about what you are joining.

    Onne29, could you give us a bit more detail about what this organisation is actually about?

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