Employers have until the end of this week to update details of their domestic workers with the unemployment insurance fund (UIF), UIF spokesman Kgomotso Sebetso says.

This is in line with wage increases set out by the Department of Labour in December 2006.

"The Department of Labour announced the new adjustments in terms of the sectoral determination for domestic workers, which sets out the minimum wages and employment conditions for the workers in this most vulnerable sector," he said.

The new wage table stipulates that domestic workers? wages would go up to R1066,90 per month for employees working more than 27 hours in a week.

"But this applies in area A or the higher paid areas which are mostly metropolitan areas." Sebetso said those working for more than 27 hours per week in the lower paid areas "mostly rural" will have their wages go up to R865,54 per month.

Last year the minimum salaries were R997,04 and R808,92 respectively.

As a result of the changes, close to 530 000 employers are required by law to inform the UIF commissioner.

"Such information regarding changes in remuneration should be forwarded within seven days after the end of each month. In this case, information should be supplied to the fund before January 7 this year," Sebetso said.

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