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Thread: How to form a Holding Company

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    How to form a Holding Company

    Hi Good morning, Thanks for an invite.
    I have several companies and a Non-Profit Organisation company. I would like to put under one umbrella, as Subsidiary companies under a Holding company

    What is the best way of setting up a Holding Company, and the Pros and Cons of forming a Holding Company

    Thank you.

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    Hi Nono

    There would be no point for the holding company to own the NPC, even assuming it were possible.

    The remaining companies are simple to do:
    1. Register a profit company you want to be the holding company, or earmark an existing company to be the holding company.
    2. Properly issue the shares in the holding company to whomever is the shareholder.
    3. The shareholder(s) of the other profit companies sell their shares to the holding company and become wholly owned subsidiaries, OR
    The holding company PROPERLY acquires unissued shares in the profit companies, in excess of those already issued, thereby become subsidiaries controlled by the holding company, but not wholly owned subsidiaries.
    4. All of this you should only do to achieve a desired outcome. There is little point to doing in "just because".

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