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The Quest

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To Start or Not to Start
The Business choice
Can you recall or remember the day
That life said your own business was the way
What a prisoner you were to the job you in
But the prospects and hope wore thin

Through positive thought and action you learnt business ways
Trying through question and intuition to see through the maze
Taking the scary step to be on your own opening doors
Working hard with never a pause

Some not all make the choice to start the quest
Hoping that to past the test and head for business suscess

You now the director, with big dreams and set goals
The person in charge of your destiny and business souls

The Business bees
from what seed was this business sown
from what mind has this business grown
the source is in the doing whats right
and and lifting thy business to another height

there is no limit to what you can achieve
if you open your mind and just believe
dont think you are, know you are
and in the business night you will see shines another star

forget about chance and make a choice
listen to your mind and hear its voice
Do you think you can do this?
Well I know you can, cause your have by reading this already taken that first step . . .
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  1. Anne's Avatar
    This is the perfect motivation!