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Screaming Text

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[CENTER]Screaming Text


Can you hear me
Can you read me
Screaming out Loud

Tony Blair keep your England
Let Bob Keep his Zimbabwe
and the alleged corrupt
Julema his pawn

Let your vote
Give us men brave enough lead
not guided by the hands of corruption
Tender your ears well
For what they promise
Never delivers

And as we force the pigmentally challenged
to B BE fair, may we buntu immigrants too
play by the same set of rules
Hard work for our rewards

Guardians of Law
Seek not the bonus of the bribe
But to uphold the rule
Of the people you hired to protect

Destroy not THE SPEAR
nor your striking swords
But rather your thoughts
That we live in the past

Look to the rainbow
For it hides the pot of Gold
Educate yourselves
Beyond Education
To the Godly ways
of moral and civil
and Ethical angels

Be compassionate in your desires
and light the fires
Of peace and Love
and Let the SA ark
land on unsinkable ground

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Tags: life


  1. Dave A's Avatar
    Not quite the SCREAMING TEXT I expected LOL

    But worth screaming nonetheless :/