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Facebook and Me

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Facebook and me and a strange relationship.

It was first a medium for me to express myself. Then I realised that my clients only saw the professional side of me and that they really wanted to see the other side of me. So I thought Ok, are you sure that you are ready for this!

People think that I am open and that I wear my heart on my sleeve, they could not be more wrong:)

But I did use the medium for people to get used to me and who I am. I am a complex person with no two days the same. I started posting things that happened to me on a frequent basis, and it was more like a party for one. But I had a good time, it was fun to relive the stupid idiotic things and the demure things too. That was good for reflection. happened I started to get like 20 friend requests a day.. I thought whoa! whats going on.. some days it was 30 or 40. No ways.. Its this FB new trick. Then the DM's by the dozen. I am really a polite person and I dilligently set about answering each and every one. They were so boring : Hi, Hey, How R U, UGGGHHH. eventually I got to the point of talk to me or dont bother and stop calling me "dear". I darent go online, by PC would not stop pinging.

That was then, and this is now I still get a huge amount of Friend Requests and I filter them.

I still use FB as my means of expressing my authentic self because being real is important to me. I dont use it for how many likes I get. I know that there are so many watchers on FB, so many people that read your stuff but dont comment, so many people that enjoy the light you bring to their lives, that you just keep going, being real being you.. that day you may just have made the difference between someone' rain and sunshine, a day that they will never forget long after you have.

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  1. Dave A's Avatar
    I'm still trying to figure out where Facebook fits into my life. I suppose the fact that I don't use it much doesn't help.

    So far about the most useful thing it's been for me is to keep tabs on what my kids are up to. Not sure that was the original intention, though