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I started a Blog, what Now?

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[QUOTE=BusNavig8;68293]I have started a blog, its about everyday life issues, and business issues. I share the everyday issues to Facebook and Twitter and the Business issues to LinkedIn. I havent posted a business topic yet, as Im just finding my way around. My question is this. How do I go about advertising my blog so that people can find me. The only other thing Ive done is add it to my Instagram profile. Ideas anyone???[/QUOTE]

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  1. Dave A's Avatar
    Make no mistake - developing a popular blog takes hard work.

    I think the first hurdle in developing a successful blog is develop discipline. You need to develop a strict routine and stick to it.

    To some extent TFSA started out as a blog. It wasn't the intention, but certainly for the first year it was more blog-like than community forum. I'd start two theads in the morning and two threads each evening, every day, whether anyone read it, commented on it, or not.

    A year of that adds up, and fortunately enough of the content was useful enough to start attracting the interest of others.

    The other activity is building links in to your blog.
    Get the RSS feed into blog aggregators such as amatomu and afrigator.
    Put the link in your signature on community sites (such as TFSA). That way you're socialsing and advertsing at the same time.
    Comment on other blogs giving the link in your profile (remember comment on what they're talking about - don't spam them with what you're talking about).
    Talk about other blogs on your blog, and let them know. They might talk about your blog on theirs right back.
  2. sanimoyo's Avatar
    From what Dave says it's all about patience, if your blog doesnt garner the traffic you anticipated don't give up. Keep adding content, you will eventually start getting some search engine traffic and people linking to your articles. Make your presence known by commenting informatively on other blog posts. Write great articles and put them up on some social bookmarking sites.