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Mother Afreeka Chapter 5

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Letter from a Future Dinosaur!
John Douglas

John pondered slowly and deeply the theory that states mankind began life in Africa. White, black, Chinese and the many other, numerous forms and shapes the human beings adopted, all began here on the God some what forsaken mother continent. In the distance he could hear the thunderous roar of the lions, approaching ever closure, while beating muffled drum, echoing the pace of his weak by passed heart. Its too late to run now.

Deoxyribonucleic acid was revealing that many blacks had white paternal ancestry and many whites had a black paternal ancestry, while the argument at present meant a lot to John, it would not wash with the men programmed to be lions by the Dear Leader. History maybe the study of the past, but its real meaning was to repeat. The victim tries to calm his mind any which way he can, but nothing can change the fact, that the day the story takes place is his, Johns last day, as a heart beating, blood pumping thinking, feeling machine.

In the future, the History chosen by the victors, will one day try and make a good story of this, with justifications of fairness and righteousness, righting the wrongs of the past etc, ruling out plain bloody murder. Historians will say the Nazi plan was to eradicate the Jews, while the truth might be more closure to... the Nazi plan was simply to satisfy Human Greed, by stealing wealth.

A group of wolves joined the Lions, united in purpose, binded in purpose, guided by purpose, blinded by the Dear Leader, for the formers work of taking down the Zebra was an un paying job, perhaps a kharma, a life of misery and suffering imposed by the dear Leader himself. We may deny many a thing, but there is no denying that the blood that fertilzers, the mother africa land, is black and white, for programmed men only see red. Some leaders called for the blood land loudly, others by night called it worker disputes.

John thought of the many taglines he had read.....
It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Charles Darwin ...... you cant change the color of your skin in a hurry.

RIP John & Anne Douglas Dec 31 1999

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