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Book For Sale R1000000.00

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Author vieome

Only 500 of these books have ever been published, and this last copy, which holds the secret to many things in life, could be yours for only One Million Rand. It is not just a book you are buying, but an idea that changes the world. Simply owning this book, gives the right mind access to a viral technology that could make you millions.

Is one million rand too much too ask for the 20 years of work, that was put into this digital book? Every once in a while an idea is given to the world, and most reject it, like IBM shaking their heads Bill Gates. Like Bill Gates shaking his Head at Search.

What I know to be true, most that make it from their simple ideas, usually just go on to steal other ideas. Gates bought his killer app for next to nil. Google stole the adsense idea. Zucker stole his idea too.

Well my idea is up for sale R1000000.00 what you do with the knowledge is up to you.
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  1. vieome's Avatar
  2. vieome's Avatar
    Thanks for the offer, but as you are aware the price is R1000000.00, not R10000.00, I suggest you meditate on it further.
  3. Dave A's Avatar
    Somebody is in for a lesson
  4. vieome's Avatar
    Hello World an abstract program, at first a bit mysterious-seeming, but a pathway to a whole brave new world with an intricate logic of its own. A lesson for the whole world.