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Caffeine and Donuts

Caffeine and Donuts - The Obligatory Introductory Post

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Ladies and gentlemen; I've finally reached the point where the forum deems me worthy to write a blog.

This is the obligatory introductory post. In short - my name is Riaan and I'm a full-time programmer and part-time businessman. I enjoy reading, writing, golf and good food. I was born in '88 and I matriculated in 2006. I hold an honours degree in Business Information Technology from the university of Greenwich in the UK. I'm a staunch supporter of open-source software and my development experience lies largely in business-oriented systems. I'm also hopelessly addicted to coffee (hence the blog name).

Through Caffeine and Donuts, I hope to discuss a whole manner of topics relating to business, IT and life (and any combinations thereof), as well as occasional rants on random things (politics comes to mind). I aim for an easy-going, informal blog with active involvement from readers - kind of like the discussions that you'd have with someone over a cup of coffee and a donut.

Topics which I would like to write about include;
  • Custom Software Development (Pros, Cons, Costs)
  • How to Choose Software for Your Business
  • Problems with Systems
  • How to Save Money on Software
  • Programmers - Breaking the Stereotype

What would you like to read about? What do you think about the above topics?

Until next time, cheers.

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  1. Dave A's Avatar
    Congratulations on making the cut, Riaan. I love the name you've chosen for your blog and look forward to reading your entries, particularly business software related.
  2. Arogon's Avatar
    I've just landed a new job in lines of business information systems. But i don't have a degree, diploma, etc. behind my name. they are training my on the system and some networking as well but it's pretty much like putting a 5000 jig-puzzle together and still needing to find the pieces.
    Could you kindly suggest to me a book for a novice on IT, business systems, etc.
  3. Sparks's Avatar
    Hi Riaan, good for you, but no cheating to get views. Next time something about the coffee. I have a 500ml mug of it next to me. I enjoy at least 20L per day excepting weekends when it is more. I used to quench my thirst compliments of Mr Glass but stopped 6 years ago with a daily consumption and the nick-name of "case & a half". In case anyone is wondering, I sleep like a baby, actually better, I do not need the bathroom once I nod off. I look forward to your next blog. What made you move to SA?
  4. rfnel's Avatar
    Dave, I hope that my posts will meet your expectations!

    Aragon, without knowing your background, it's hard to recommend something specific. There is such a huge variety of business systems, programming languages and other tools that no single book (at least not one that I've read) can cover everything. Even though it doesn't focus on systems specifically, The 10 Day MBA by Steven Silbiger gave me a good overview of business in general, and how everything fits together. During my degree we used (among others) Information Systems Development: Methodologies, Techniques and Tools by David Avison and Guy Fitzgerald; it goes into a lot of detail regarding the whole SDLC (Systems Development Lifecycle), development methodologies, different types of systems and the elements (both internal and external) that play a role in systems. Of course, very few things in the real world are as perfect as textbook examples - each project brings its own challenges. Lastly, don't be afraid of using Google and Wikipedia - there is a wealth of information available on the internet.

    Sparks, it would've been cheating only if I said 'Free Caffeine and Donuts'. I've lived in SA all my life - I just studied through a UK university. I figured that a degree from the UK could prove to be beneficial, especially if I'd like to emigrate at some stage.