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Cooking your GPU?!?

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Yes we all have those GPU’s that mysteriously “stopped” to function and the finding the problem is really difficult due to the fact that it is probably soldering that caused a broken connection.

Right, so what to do, well I a friend of mine came across a post in a forum that stated that if you place the GPU in an oven “NOT MICROWAVE” for about 10 minutes it will melt the solder and “reconnect” the broken connections.

So the instructions were clear use a large oven tray and cover it with tinfoil. Then remove the FAN heat sink exposing the CPU core. NOW this is important the CPU must face DOWN and ALL the diodes must be supported by tinfoil “balls” insuring that they will not get loose and fall out during the cooking ting time.

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius and place you’re prepared tray and GPU into the oven for 7 minutes as I found that it would never survive 10 minutes. Take it out after 7 minutes and let it cool at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Give your CPU a generous helping of heat conductive paste and reattach the heat-sink/Fan.

Now I have done this with a XFX 8600GT 256mb DD3 and when I tested it, it works! Like magic it came back to life and I have been testing it for 24 hours now and no problems to report. So if you have that old useless card lying around give it ago what do you have to lose?

Note please make sure that the top element is active and NOT the bottom one to avoid disappointment. Also give your oven a proper cleaning when you are done.

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  1. Dave A's Avatar
    I suppose if it isn't working, it's worth a shot
  2. tec0's Avatar
    The fact that it actually worked… I still find it difficult to believe but it did. That said I don’t think it will work for everyone, some GPU’s die due to the chipset and there is really not much one can do then.