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The Other-without fear favour or prejudice

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The Other - without fear, favour or prejudice.
Can a 4-year-old child be a champion of justice?
Which Germans embraced miscegenation just 2 years after Hitler's Holocaust? When should your mother demand to be fucked?
Is a leopard a match for men armed with modern rifles? Would children of White paternity adopt Black men as father figures?
Is the colour of poverty dark brown? Was "Black Thursday" only an American problem? Did the bombing of Dresden reach an orphanage in Rhodesia? Is your mum really just a pile of sand? Was Floyd Patterson a hero for all Black folk?
Can a ghost help with prohibition? Does a ghost have bones? Is being sapiential a worthwhile attribute? Is sex breathtaking? Does dancing inhibit having sex? Will the truth really set you free?
Does a nun understand sex? Will dancing stop pregnancy? Who is Mother Mary? Does the devil make you strong? Should you shoot down the plane in which your partner is flying?
Was Ian Smith standing up for Western values? Are motor bikes good for race relations? Does a soldier respect a terrorist? What colour are Coloured folk? Can an unknown lad, Courteney Fisher, have a 21 gun salute? Why should you walk on your hands ... and stand on your head? Does a witchdoctor talk nonsense? Is there something to be gained by biting a dog ?
What does an elephant care? What does a crocodile care? What does a mongoose care? Is drinking diesel a good thing? Was Edgar Tekere guilty of murder? Is it propitious for a woman to bend over in a Greek owned shop? Did Bobby Fischer do anything for race relations in Rhodesia? Does the Queen matter in a fist fight? Does being topless if you are an illiterate female help with seeing the future?
Can you be loved if you rape your 14-month-old baby? Can there be a relationship between guile, gold, bread and a fishing rod? Was Samora Machel any better than the recent Presidents of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya? Is a penis attractive to a fish. Does an advocate deal in lies? Does a vagina have use other than sex? Can a White woman be a good Black mother? Can a rope effect the sphincter muscle? Is love involved in strangling your baby? Can strangling a baby lead to saving lives? Is silence always golden? Is the Fair Cape of Good Hope really fair?
Is Tom Cruise the only one in "The Firm" ?? Is a "snake pit" worse if it is full of people? Is Professor Shadrack Ghuto a rock of sense? What is the biggest pandemic after HIV/AIDS? Who cares? Does Botswana or Namibia care? Are people in Zimbabwe free? Is there a connection between the Stolen Generation and Affirmative Action in South Africa?
Who is a Baster? Why is a Coloured person labelled black? Why would you roast other folk alive? Is the killing of 20, 000 folk a non-event? Is a Chinaman black?
What do the deaths of 320, 000 folk matter if you are the boss on Animal Farm? Who said what about a frog being boiled alive? Is it sapiential to think like a Black? Does cogito ergo sum have any value? What the hell is anomie?
Who said Lady Justice is blind? Was there a frog on the World Cup pitch? Who was "Volvo" Ndaye Mulamba? Are some good people bad? Are some bad people good? Does being a Chief Justice make you just?
Are judges really independent? Will Oprah Winfrey or Jerry Springer ever read this book?
How can an ordinary life be extraordinary? What has burning yourself have to do with being treated as "the other".

The book is available on line at -

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  1. vieome's Avatar
    Good Day Judge Greenland

    Is there anywhere this book can be bought in rands, perhaps you can setup it up on take-a-lot as an ebook.
  2. Henthel's Avatar
    Basically a load of crap. Would you eat it if you had no food?