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Thread: Working in the UK for 6 months

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    Working in the UK for 6 months

    What are the obstacles / possibilities in getting a work permit to stay in the UK for about 6 months, as a self-employed person?

    Most of my income, as a Pastel consultant, is derived from remote desktop support, so I can technically work from anywhere in the world, provided I have internet access.

    However, the immigration regulations in the UK might not allow me to do that, as a South African passport holder without a job offer from a UK employer.

    Any ideas as to how I can make this possible?
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    I think that their authorities just don't want a situation where someone who can't earn their keep ends up on their doorstep. I know that several years ago, they expected you to prove that you had R25 000 in your bank account for such a working holiday. You also had to be under a certain age. In your case, a simple bank statement should settle any doubts. Check with the embassy, I'm sure there's someway this can work out!
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