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Thread: BC and AD.nothing religious here I promise!

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    BC and AD.nothing religious here I promise!

    Many are aware that Bc is an acronym for "before the birth of Christ," but many also make the mistake of thinking that AD mean after the death of Christ. This is simply not true. Ad is an acronym for the latin maxim "ano domini" which means " in the year that Jesus was born" which is the year 0 or nil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanash Naick View Post
    ...the year 0 or nil.
    I disagree - there was no year 0.

    The sequence of years is ...3 BC, 2 BC, 1 BC, 1 AD, 2 AD, 3 AD...
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    So Neville,

    Does that mean that the Myan Calender is out by a year?

    So the destruction of the planet has happened, that is 21/12/2011,


    The day of destruction is now 21/12/2013.
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    Well, it works like this, if the world doesn't end in 2012 then those that believe in such things will go aha, it was because of that dmn missing year zero, but then if the world still doesn't end in 2013 then they will have to think up another excuse.

    I am surprised tha we still use BC & AD in South Africa. I would have thought we would be using BANC and DANC - So, this year should be the year 0016 I think and I also think we should give each year a name like the Chinese do; something like: "The year of the Beeeeeg party", last year could have been: "The year of Malema" and the previous year; "The year of tha plenty socca ball"
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