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Thread: My first YouTube demonstration video!

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    My first YouTube demonstration video!

    Yay, I have created my first YouTube demonstration video!

    Tell me what you think of my first attempt? In case you are wondering, the video is a demonstration of Pastel's Business Intelligence Centre (BIC) module, for customised management reports.

    I suggest you click on Full Screen option to view the video.

    Neville Bailey - Sage Pastel Accounting Consultant
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    IronTree Online Solutions

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    Thumbs up

    Congratulations, you may give yourself a hearty pat on the back.
    I never had the opportunity to go for PC training while still young & full of confidence so I have become deoendant on tutorials. Your image display is clear and so is the sound. You have described the steps clearly without jargon. I am certain that yours can become favorite tutorials of the users of Pastel. Well done.
    If you get into 3D software tutorials, please drop me a line.

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    Awesome Neville ! I love how you can even hear the mouse clicks. lol

    Well done on the video. 10/10

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