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Thread: Saving Your Skin

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    Saving Your Skin

    The extensive damage sun can do to our bodies is an ever growing threat in our time. Rates of skin cancer cases have dramatically risen over the last few years.

    Sun damage is something often assumed to only take place at the beach or when directly exposed to the sun. But, one thing that has been discovered is that it can occur sitting outside in the shade, in your car and even in your own home!

    This is just one of the highly beneficial characteristics of window tinting. Unlike UVB rays, UVA rays can easily pass through glass. Therefore, while you may think you are safe from UV exposure while indoors or in your car, you may be exposed to direct and indirect UVA rays.

    But, with window tinting or film, up to 99% of UV rays can be prevented from passing through the glass. It blocks transmission of UV rays while allowing a reasonable level of light to flow through.

    How Tinted Windows Work

    Light emitted from the sun is a mixture of different colours (as seen with a rainbow). There is also "invisible" radiation in the form of UV rays (which tans your skin and is one of the main causes of skin cancer, and infrared (IR), which is felt as the heat from the sun.

    Firstly, tinted window film and glass is designed to block out and reflect as much of the IR radiation as possible, so that the interior stays cool, while letting through enough light to be able to see the road or view outside a building. In addition, it prevents UV rays from passing through the glass, stopping you getting burnt and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

    Installation of tinted window film is even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Save your skin before itís too late.

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    Seeing as this is in the technology forum can you give some info on how dangerous UVA is with respect to being carcinogenic or why it's so important to block it?

    The longer wavelength UVA light (as opposed to UVB & UVC) does not sunburn people and to the best of my knowledge is not cancer causing. The shorter wavelength UV light such as UVB and UVC (<300nm) is >90% blocked by standard glass anyway.
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    your link "window film" took me to "solar foundation". u are the good people that fittted approx 3 sq.metres to my angled glass in the bathroom a few years ago. i'm sorry to report that this is pealing from corners and further that this tinting appears to have lost its blockage effectiveness.please be good enough to supply contact persons details in order that arrangements can be made so that the work can be corrected under warranty. thank you in advance

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