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Thread: Remote vs Onsite Consulting

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    Remote vs Onsite Consulting

    With modern technology and the internet, "virtual" consulting can now be done remotely (as I do), rather than face-to-face consultations.

    Do forum members regard this as progress, or as a backwards move?
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    How can it not be progress?

    More remote consulting = less traveling = more time to consult = more money = PROGRESS!

    I must say, though, that with large clients who I get repeat business from, I do like to meet face to face in order to strengthen the working relationship. I believe that once you've met face to face you are in a much better position to be a good service provider.

    In any other instance, I consider a Skype meeting more than enough.

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    Progress for sure!

    I find that my older clients are initially sceptical - but after a few sessions and no travel fees on their invoice, they adapt quite quickly
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    If the only single most important point that I can think of, is that you have the most professional person looking at your problem almost immediately, no matter where you are on the planet, and this on its own merit surely trumps waiting for someone to come round physically to try and clear a problem.

    As traveling costs increase, and one has to be more efficient in maintaining business costs, and requires to be efficient in every allocated working hour, this is the only way that it can be done.

    Neville, your backyard has just grown 1 million fold.
    Well done.
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