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Thread: No wheels - have modem!

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    No wheels - have modem!

    Yesterday was the start of an unplanned week of 100% remote support.

    As I got into my car yesterday morning and pushed in the clutch to reverse into the driveway, I just knew that something was wrong. No gears. My clutch finally gave up the ghost...

    I turned cold. Thoughts of cancelled appointments, disappointed clients and huge car repair bills rushed through my mind as I tried, in vain, to get my car into gear - any gear.

    As shock turned into resignation, I called my local service centre for a quote to get my car towed and repaired.

    The quote was not what I wanted to hear, and there was a 2 day waiting period for parts. If I am lucky, my car will be mobile again on Friday, with Thursday being a public holiday.

    After cancelling a few appointments, I sat down at my laptop and - well - started working. No good crying over spilt milk and worrying about the repair bill - best I started earning some income to pay for it!

    As it turned out, I had a very productive day, working on a very big report writing job for a casino group in Johannesburg, plus a few other relatively small remote sessions.

    This little saga has got me thinking about how glad I am to have developed the remote aspect of my business - car breakdowns are nothing more than a speed bump along my journey to geographical freedom.

    Cars break down - modems rarely break.

    Cars are costly to run - modems cost a few cents to generate hundreds of rands.
    Cars waste time - modems get me earning money instantly.

    Cars can be dangerous - modems allow me to travel the virtual superhighway at the speed of light with no more than a bit of wrist cramp.

    So, all in all, this blue Monday might just be the start of an exciting trip of discovering what really can be done with the technology that is at my disposal!

    Watch this space...

    This was an extract from my blog - The Comings and Goings of a Pastel Consultant
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    Hi Neville,

    You have created a truly novel way of conducting your business and from reading your blog it seems that you never have a dull moment !

    Great !!!!! Keep up the good work ( Do you need an assistant ? )
    Martin Coetzee
    Supplier of Stainless Steel Band and Buckle and various fastening systems. Steel, Plastic, Galvanized, PET and Poly woven.
    We solve your fastening problems.

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    Fully functional internet connectivity can be a bit tricky at times...

    But what are the chances of you losing your wheels and your ISP having a bad bit day at the same time?

    Does anyone have a plan C?

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    Plan C'

    Go deep sea fishing
    Victor - Knowledge is a blessing or a curse, your current circumstances make you decide!
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