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Thread: How is it possible to be happy at work?

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    How is it possible to be happy at work?

    The best part of the day? If it doesn't happen at work, you are among the legion of people who live for the weekends. The pivotal truth is that you make the rules.
    The expert on this subject is Cheryl Richardson. Starting out as an accountant, she became less interested in preparing people’s tax returns and more interested in helping them prioritize their lives.

    “It is a myth to believe that working long hours at a frantic pace makes you productive,” she says. “Overwork and stress cause everything from a lack of creativity to stress-related illnesses.”

    One of her clients, a corporate employee and victim of downsizing, went to work every day filled with anxiety, fearful that each day may be his last. With mounting debt and one child headed for college, he couldn't afford to miss a day of work, let alone lose his job.
    Another client was nervous about accepting a new, exciting job offer. She worried about the transition from a healthy, balanced lifestyle to what she assumed would be a fast-paced, demanding schedule.

    You call the shots

    Richardson helped them take a step back, reevaluate their priorities, and make a conscious decision about the future they’d like to create.

    “Although there are many goals that drive an organization, the primary goal of business is to make money. That's just a basic fact. In order to achieve the company objectives and keep people employed, the organization needs to increase profits on a consistent basis. That's why most companies get worried when employees start talking about work/life balance issues,” says Richardson.
    “They make the mistake of believing that supporting self-care strategies at work will promote laziness, selfishness and unproductive activities,” she says. “Experience has shown me that the best and the brightest people always end up producing better results.”

    If you are reading this article, you probably don’t believe that a sixty-hour work week and a frenetic pace will bring you more success. But who wouldn't love to hire a personal trainer to overcome the occasional obstacles that arise in any professional career?

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    Hi Mirelle

    Thank you for sharing this. It is such an interesting read and it is true too.
    I think it is very important to discover what it is that you like and enjoy doing because a large amount of time is spent at the workplace. If you find your job miserable then you are likely to be miserable all day. Which would in anyway lead to less productivity and more misery on your part. Creating a never-ending cycle.

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