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Thread: Home Schooling-Advice Please!

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    Home Schooling-Advice Please!

    My daughter grade 10 wants to do home schooling.

    Cut a long story short, she is 3 time SA Irish dance Champion. She has her life pretty worked out(at age 15) In short she wants to train 2 months of the year in Ireland, do the next 2 world Champs, and win the 3rd. Then she wants to join a dance troupe( ie riverdance,lord of the dance etc) travel the world with them for 5 years, then start her own dance school somewhere!

    Ok not so easy but one of the things that is holding her back is the current schooling system, she worked out they only actively do 2hrs of the curriculum a day, she reckons she will have more time to train if she did home schooling.

    Just to put you in the picture..i am the one who is not so sure...anyway

    Where do I start...what/where/with whom etc

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I'm not sure if / how this will help but my brother in law's wife home-schools their 4 children and it's been a great success since the word-go, about 4 years ago. They have some form of curriculum which they follow and do get proper study material as well. At one time the eldest went on a camp with one of her friends, but had to attend school with her on the Friday. They were given a test and she actually did the best in the whole class. We can see they they're doing very well and doesn't lack education.

    Where to start? I have no idea, but maybe these links will help:
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    She sounds like a mature young lady for her age. I did some research and there are homeschooling institutions that offer top grade curricula. Just Google the following It is in Afrikaans, but most of them are bilingual.
    1) Impak
    2) LeAmen
    3) Afstandsleer
    4) Moria Tuisskool
    5) Brainline

    These are the 5 that I could get hold of.

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    I remember seeing this thread and came across this gem today. 18 minutes of video but essential viewing in my opinion.

    Good luck with your decision.


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