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Thread: mtn data bundles

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    mtn data bundles

    i loaded a dat bundle in febuary the 15th 2011...on the 8 march 2011 i get an sms to info me my data bundle will expire in 48 hours...2 days later gone.

    so i reload a data bundle on the 20 april i get an sms to tell me my 1 gig data bundle i loaded last month will expire in 48 hours...WTf

    besides the fact that if you dont make a 1 minute call every 3 months...the line gets disconnected...this mtn service sucks.

    i think its time to trade in this mtn pre paid numbe rfor something different which will last at least a year.

    any suggestions...cell package?

    i only use this sim card for my netbook so it makes no diffrence whether i change to a completely different service provider and i dont even need to port the number...just get a whole new one.

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    Yes MTN has got this sh!t.

    Vodascum has a different package, you do not need to buy data bundles, as long as you have airtime on the SIM you can use for data, but you also need to send an SMS or make a call once every three months to keep the SIM active.

    Cell C on the other hand does not have these constraints, however I am not sure how the data bundles work, but I am sure at one of the Cell C stores they will tell you.
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    My experience with MTN... Well lets just say they are part of the reason why I have anger management sessions and powerful happy pills. As far as I can tell MTN gives you 60 days to burn trough your 1 GB prepaid data bundle. Vodacom and all the rest only gives you 30 days. That said Cell C and Telkom is the cheapest on prepaid data bundles but a good Telkom 3G modem will set you back R1200 there cheaper and much slower models is within the R250 mark.

    MTN has no prepaid stores in Mpumalanga at all. Everything is contract base. They do not sell handsets cash nor do they provide stock. A month ago I accidentally threw my MTN modem against a brick wall and had to replace the damn thing. Did you know that not one store in Mpumalanga have the advertised 3G modem for R350 in stock. NOT 1

    So MTN is guilty of false advertising, there help desk is impossible to reach and there downloads are unreliable! Telkom also use false advertisement on their cheaper 3G modems. As I have ordered one 3 months ago and still haven’t received the device in question.

    With this useless services Vodacom benefits as there cheaper 3G modems are available at every mobile shop and Cost round about R300 to R1300 depending on model.

    That said Cell C is king at the moment when it comes to availability of their slower model 3G modems going for R350+ give or take. BUT that said our signal is still GPRS only so it is slow very, very slow indeed...

    Also it is worth mentioning that MTN bundle costs is structured in such a way that you must always buy more airtime than what you need to get the bundle thus they are forcing you to spend more money with them.

    I really hope that a solar flare will permanently disable MTN one-day. Then all those fat cats can sink.
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    I did a data bundle from airtime with vodacom and they gave me until the end of the next month to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tec0 View Post
    Vodacom and all the rest only gives you 30 days.
    Not exactly! I'm on Vodahel's prepaid, the data bundle (whatever size) is valid until the end of the 2nd month after date of loading. So if you load a bundle today (2011-05-13) then it will expire on 2011-06-30. So you get an absolute minimum of 29 days (e.g. load on 31st of Jan and have it expired on 28th of Feb), or an absolute maximum of 62 days (load on 1st July and expire on 31st Aug).

    But I'd really want to know if there is any way of getting a bundle which DOES NOT EXPIRE!!!!!! I mean, you've paid for it already! Why shouldn't you be allowed to use it whenever you prefer? At least it's possible with prepaid to only load as and when you want it (unlike the contract deals), but you could still loose data through expiry if you don't use it. Perhaps we should look if the new consumer protection act would help forcing these guys to not STEAL FROM US as they are doing at present!
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