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    What is SANS stamp worth?

    I installed a readyboard and discovered on site that the 20A plug circuit was in fact a 1.5mm circuit.
    After going back to Voltex I gave them an earful. I had to leave site, drive across town in bad traffic and waste an hour at the counter, then buy a lower rated CB because they are selling DBs which do not meet the standards.
    They still sell them.
    Now I must just explain to the homeowner why I am charging him for my time to rewire a prewired DB which has the SANS stamp on it.
    Why bother with the stamp if we must check the internal wiring in any case?

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    You should have installed it then failed it on the COC and bounced it back to Voltex to send someone to fix it.
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    welcome to south africa...sans is for idiots who waste time registering and following rules and regulations...this is south africa there isnt even a body to police the sans regulations so why even waste your time abiding by rules...i suppose its much like driving along a freeway at 120 km but you kow there are no speed traps and the cameras dont have any film...

    the only thing they actually clamp down on in the electricial industry is legit contractors who dont pay levies etc...and why because there is money to be made and penalties to be charged.

    anyone noticed how many illegal contractors out there and especially ones who arent even from this country....eeeeish.

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