I had a very funny situation after changing my data server to a new Win 7 OS system and loading Pastel on to this server.
First the error 76 "cannot find path" showed up on only one workstation and after a complete re-install of Win XP and a new install of Pastel it was able to connect to the server again.( All other server based programs worked fine )
A few days later a Win 7 workstation came up with the same error.
Well....................to make a long story short, the problem turned out to be a bad installation/permissions on the Win 7 server.
I have now gone back to a XP Pro server and all the problems are gone !.
I shall however try the Win 7 server again after a complete format and re-install.
Should you get an "error 76" it basically indicates that your local program cannot see the Pastel installation on the server upon loading and therefore gives the error.
However, in win explorer one can see the files on the server, so don't be fooled into thinking the communication between the machines is good.