Hello everyone!

My name is Ruaan Rautenbach and I am happy to announce the launch of 4everLotto.

4everLotto is an international network marketing company based in South Africa. Not only do we provide life enriching information to our members, we also provide them with a means to play various International Lotteries as well as generating a passive income. We provide our members with an online shop that they can use to play 35 different lotteries. Advantages of playing online are:

Play from your home PC
Play from anywhere in the world
Keep record of all the games and numbers you played - build a statistical archive you can use to improve your chances
Play lotto games in advance - this allows you to go on holiday and still be able to play the lotto

Not only do we provide a world class service, we also provide you with an incredible opportunity to improve your monthly income. You will be part of a booming multi-level marketing company that is built on respect and loyalty. You will be building a 3 x 8 matrix which will grant you the ability to add a monthly passive income. You will have the potential to boost your monthly income with as much as $20,103.00. But that is not all! As a BONUS of being part of this amazing team, 4everLotto will also add to your monthly income the bonus of EXTRA LOTTO GAMES. That is right, depending on the number of members in your personal matrix, 4everLotto will give you bonus lotto games each and every month. You will have the potential of earning 1093 bonus lotto games a month. In essence we pay YOU to PLAY LOTTO!

This is how the 4everLotto Rewards Programme works: When you become a member of 4everLotto you become part of an elite group that provides you with 3 streams of earning an income.

1st Income Stream
Your first income stream is based on retailing. With your personal website that 4everLotto provides, you will be able to retail various international lotto tickets. You will earn 10% of all the sales through your personal website. When you register with 4everLotto and you buy your own lotto tickets through your personal website, you will earn 10% of all the sales. You can show your personal website to other people. If they decide to only purchase lotto tickets without even joining 4everLotto, you will still earn 10% of their entire purchase total.

You earn an income from just playing lotto or providing a platform for your friends to play lotto.

2nd Income Stream
4everLotto is particularly proud of providing this income stream. 4everLotto will equally share 80% of all profit made on ticket purchases made through www.4everlotto.com to all active members. This means if you are an active member of 4everLotto and you have not sold any ticket or enrolled any members, you will still earn an income from 4everLotto.

3rd Income Stream
Your last income stream is based on enrolling other people to join 4everLotto. You will build a 3*8 matrix.

You do this by enrolling 3 people to also become members of 4everLotto. They repeat the process by enrolling 3 people each. This process is repeated 8 levels down to complete your matrix.

Based upon your 3*8 matrix you can earn the following passive income.

On your first level, where you personally enrol 3 people, 4everLotto will pay you $17 per person you enrol. For these 3 people you will receive a total passive income of $51 per month. You now teach these 3 people to do the same by enrolling 3 people each. They will be your second level. 4everLotto will pay you $5 for every person on your second level. That is an income of $45 for the second level and a cumulative passive income of $96 per month for levels 1 & 2. As an added bonus we will give you 1 extra lotto game for every 9th active member in your matrix. You will receive 1 bonus lotto games for your second level.

This process is repeated 6 more times until your 3*8 matrix is full. At this point in time you can have a passive income of $20,103 per month with the potential of 1093 extra lotto games that you can use every month as long as all of the members in your matrix stay active members.

This incredible opportunity will cost you only $50 per month in membership fee. There is no joining fee, only your $50 membership fee per month. If you look back at your cumulative income on the first level, you will notice that by enrolling 3 people as members of 4everLotto you will earn a passive cumulative income of $51, which will cover your monthly membership fee of $50.

By being a member of 4everLotto and paying your monthly membership fee you will receive the following benefits:

A personal website to show other people anywhere in the world the wonder of 4everLotto
The right to enrol other members, locally and internationally, from your website
A potential of 1093 bonus Lotto games per month
A potential income of $20,000 per month based on your personal matrix and it excludes your lotto winnings
An equal share of 80% of all profit made by retailing lotto tickets through the 4everLotto website
Be able to retail lotto tickets and receive 10% commission on all sales
A free back-office to manage your ticket purchases and accounts
Easy access to your funds
No more standing in queues to play your Lotto, play it from your PC
Play Lotto games online|
Personal development, and
An opportunity that pays you to play Lotto!

You get all this for a mere $50 per month. Check out our website to find out more.