The project tracker module allows you to manage projects that your company has and this includes managing the budgets that are associated to a specific project. There are extensive reporting options available in this module to assist in managing and budgeting of the various projects created.

To enhance your project reporting, you can create project groups. Up to 10 project groups can be created. You can for instance create a group as regions and another as cities. Each project can in turn be linked to the different regions and cities. When reporting, either you are able to report on the region, city or specific project.

You can add up to 10 project groups and the use of project groups is optional.
Included with the project tracker module is project budgets. Project budget provides you with a reference point for your business to strive to achieve. The budget allows you to compare what the project actually achieves against the planned values or against other project values. Project budget can be very useful in controlling the performance of the different projects and projecting future budget costs.