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Thread: Cant buy a car

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    Cant buy a car

    Hey all.

    Heres the thing, bought a house through ABSA bout 5 years ago.
    Then I hit some bad times, wife left me and bla bla..
    Couldn't afford all my expenses, ABSA sold the house on a auction and now Im paying them back the difference.
    Since then I cant even open a Edgars account. Well Ive been back on my feet again since then and haven't skipped a payment with ABSA debt collections in 2 years but till I dont owe them a cent my credit record will suck.

    I need to buy an car but cant get any finance.

    I need to find a dealer that I can do a down payment agreement with or something.
    Preferable in the Pta area, otherwise Gauteng I guess.

    Any that can help me with this PLEASE gimme a buzz.


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    It's a tough life when you haven't got access to credit.

    On the bright side, you tend to look at debt in a totally different light once you've got out from under the restrictions. Not much consolation while you're still tunnelling your way out of debt, I know - but there is a reward in the end.

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