I have had quite a few request to add some sort of Whistle blower area on The Forum SA. What these requests have asked to expose is actually a bit varied - from fraudsters to bad payers, getting a raw deal or at its most extreme, what seems to be outrageous injustice.

Well, here it is (at last) - The Whistle blower Forum. I'm hoping it will bring exposure to some of the injustice life throws at us, and perhaps make a difference. But if it doesn't help change the world, at least you'll get a chance to blow off some steam.

Currently I have a few specific reports that have requested exposure. I'll try to get these stories published over the next couple of days as I dot the i's and cross the t's.

Which brings me to an important point. I need to make it plain that posters are responsible for the "editorial control" of their own content. There will be no formal pre-publication editorial control of posts in this forum by The Forum SA. (However, spam and genuinely objectionable content will be removed). So be careful please. As much as you may be ticked off about something at the time, I highly recommend you try your best to keep things factual.

Let's see where this goes.