i keep getting enquiries from customers...they cannot understand why their electricity account is so high...well if you take a look at your may 2009 electricity bill and compare it to jan 2011 tarrif you will notice it should be about double...especially if you are on a lv 3 part tarrif...as this tarrif is being phased out.

let this be a warnig to all those commercial and industrial companies...make sure the person or company offering reduction in your elctricity account by means of power factor correction etc and want you to sign a contrat know what they are doing and make sure you get a lawyer to read the contract...there are many companies out there who have tied themselves into contracts which they cant get out of...and people who have spent R100 000 in fitting power factor correction and for one dont see any reduction in their tarrif and others who have had it fitted but within a couple of menths the unit is not working and to get these pirates back is another story...some of these people are employees of utility comapanies and have comapnies registered in the wifes name or cousin or brother etc...

my advice would be to speak to someone like myself or dudley stevens of capacitor technologies http://www.capacitortechnologies.co.za/

please note i do not work for capacitor technologies...i have only dealt with this company on numerous occassions to enquire about tarrifs power factor correction etc...dudley has been in the industry for many years.