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Thread: Question on the reason why we work!

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    Question on the reason why we work!

    What are we working for?
    I donít know how to answer this question but we have to answer this question clearly. As we know that living costing is getting higher and higher, especially for the house and education. But as this world has gone into 21st century, the problem that peopleís basic need for food and living cannot be satisfied is still existed. Why? Why this kind of low need canít be satisfied in a very rich society?
    Once we may have our dream on doing something or achieve something, but now the only thing we want to do is to get full feed and to get a self-owned-sleeping place. This is what we are working for now. We donít care about our dream, our interests, our hobbies, but we should concern about how much we can get from this work, how easy I can get familiar with this work, how many social profits the boss can give to us.
    I donít know how you think of this, but as 80s this is what I am thinking about it. I would talk to myself thatís the life, thatís the reality in this world.

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    Unfortunately, resources are being consumed faster as every day passes, because the population is growing and growing daily, the resources become limited, and the main objective is survival. A rich society can not survive on its own, to have a rich society, you must have a poor society included in the mix. The poor society will be doing all the menial work to ensure that there is food for survival to the complete community. The difference between the rich and the poor in the society, is the application of the resources available. All rich people started at the same place as the poor people, however choices, circumstances is what made the divide, of course there is also the criminal activity which plays in the mix.
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    For me it started with putting food on the table. It was that basic; that primal.
    Once that seemed to be taken care of, it was all about the kids - getting them set up.

    Of course there were lots of little goals along the way. But those were the big ones that really pushed me.

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    For the first twelve years of my working life I only worked to travel. After I got married and had children the priorities changed.
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    All I can say is if you have good job consider yourself lucky.
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