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Thread: Cashing in on "training"

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    Cashing in on "training"

    I am starting to lose my sense of humour about some of the "training" that is being offered on pretty speculative subjects nowadays.

    Take the proposed changes to labour related legislation. The typical notice starts something like this:

    XYZ is offering the following training seminar on the proposed amendments to the LRA, BCEA and the EEA. These courses are available as public seminars or alternatively, as in-house seminars depending on the needs of the company. The courses can also be conducted nationally.
    The detail of what is going to be discussed essentially is around compliance issues.

    Now please take a moment to consider where I'm coming from here.

    First off, this is draft legislation, still in the public comment stage. It seems somewhat premature to start talking to companies about mitigation and compliance on these proposed changes to existing legislation when the actual changes and their effect are unknown at this point.

    What should be happening right now is examining whether these draft proposals make sense and will contribute to the national priorities - one of which I'm led to believe is employment creation. And from there drafting clear counter proposals.

    I see serious conflicts between the drafts and the national priorities, and expect to see significant changes to the drafts before they get promulgated.

    Whether I'm right or not does not matter - The final form of amendments is uncertain at this stage. Trying to squeeze money out of businesses on how to mitigate the impact of legislation that may never come to pass seems... opportunistic?

    What business should be spending money on is getting these drafts knocked into something that will be of real economic benefit to the country, employees and employment in general.

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    Yup - remember the BEE legislation process and all the experts and accreditation agencies that sprang out of the woodwork?


    From reception to management training, assertiveness, accountability or interviewing skills, we have a wide range of training workshops available for you!

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