What a surprise! I am in Cape Town at the moment, am considering relocating. Have loved and missed it since leaving here in '91. Just trying to figure out though why the main supply is connected to the ELCB then from there through a 63A DP isolator, then the rest of the DB.The ELCB is labelled ELCB and the isolator Mains. in some cases the Mains is not an isolator but a single pole after the ELCB. In my book the MAIN switch is the first point of control, thus the ELCB. On the COC the question is asked" Main switch type?" and the option can be indicated as ELCB. Now I ask why are ELCBs' not being labelled as MAIN switches and why are isolators/SP CBs being installed after the ELCBs and being labelled Main switch when they are not switching off the power to the ELCB. Why also are entire installations being put on the ELCB when it is not required but rather an inconvenience? I am also surprised to find a pool DB that is plugged in to a socket outlet. I do not have a problem with this provided that the socket outlet is a dedicated one for the pool DB, but this one was actually installed back to back with a previously existing socket outlet.