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Thread: Possible SEO services scam from Omega Services - be careful

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    Possible SEO services scam from Omega Services - be careful

    Just a heads-up if you see the following AD, or get it on email:

    Dear xxxxx ,

    Your website could be on the first page of Google search results,
    since that's where everyone finds what they're looking for.

    Over 2 billion searches are conducted daily on Google.

    89% of internet searchers go no further than the first page of search results shown for any given search.
    Less than 5% of searchers go to page 2 or beyond, which means you're losing money if you're not on Page 1.

    If your company has a website, we'll get it on Google's 1st page within 48 hours - guaranteed.

    If you don't have a website, we'll design one and it will be on Google's 1st page within 48 hours - guaranteed.
    (Once website design is completed, of course.)

    NO contracts!

    Starting at R 1 500 per month - cheaper than running a monthly front page newspaper ad!

    We handle all aspects of running your campaign and provide an analytical report at the end of each
    month detailing what is working for you and what is not.

    Contact Peter for a free analysis and obligation-free quote.

    083 516 xxxxx or

    We specialise in SA and international search results for your product/service appearing on Google's first page.
    Within 48 hours - guaranteed.


    Logo Design
    Corporate Identities
    Business Cards
    Promotional Design & Branding
    Apparel Graphic Design & Specifications
    Animated Presentations in Keynote, PowerPoint & Quicktime format
    WEB Html E-mailers
    WEB Design

    1. They, themselves can't be found on Google (I searched upto page 7, was a bit lenient) by either searching for "Omega Services", "Omega SEO Services", " on Google's 1st page within 48 hours - guaranteed" and other SEO, Hosting, web design, etc related key words.

    2. They don't have a corporate identity themselves, yet they claim to offer such a service. Their email has no relation to their name.

    3. No website. How do you design websites, without having your own?

    4. No portfolio. This is a no-brainer, but if you expect me to pay you R1500pm for a services which I can't even see any previous work of, then you're either incredibly stupid or you hope your clients are.

    P.S. I'm posing this here cause I often her horror stories from friends and clients who constantly fall into this same trap.
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    *Moved to scam alert forum*

    Honestly, if they don't understand credibility in their own marketing...

    Let's consider a "best case" scenario for a moment here.

    Just how much of a difference is there between "honest" total incompetence and a wilful scam from the client's point of view? In my opinion the intent may be different but the effect is much the same. So a warning of "buyer beware" seems entirely appropriate.

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    Dont waste your money

    Possibly one of the best firms in search engine marketing, Quirk eMarketing wont make as bold a statement as that. The truth is if you are prepared to put in some effort and time you can get to the front page for you chosen keyword or phrase and even to the number one spot.

    By all means use a professional if you would rather get some to do it for you, just choose carefully
    Michael Vella
    Web Presence Solutions -

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    If any members are uncertain of the bona fides of a particular email or web-based offer, my company, Intertel, offers a verification service designed to provide you with the facts. Visit and click on the Live Chat button (located on each page). An online support consultant can quickly verify the identification particulars, contact details and other relevant information related to the email sender, website principals, or other related entities - while you wait. If you mention that you have come from then this service will be provided to you at no cost.

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