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Thread: pastel accounting

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    pastel accounting

    i started off with the cheapest pastel package...then ended up getting consultant to assist who told me i needed to upgrade because i was using a pc and a i spent the R3600 odd and upgraded got half setup but never actually got it running...then decided to rather just get a bookeeper who i pay just short of R800 every month to do my vat...every second month ( so its costing me around R1600 to get my vat done which i know takes them 20 minutes)...i am not impressed with the service of the bookeeper and want to rethink the pastel or change to quickbooks or something to try understand what is actually going on with my finances...i am aslo wondering about turnover tax...and other options.

    anyone have any ideas?

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    I am more than happy to conduct a review of the state of your Pastel setup and accounts, in order to give you my opinion on the way forward.

    We can do it remotely and over Skype - drop me a line if you are keen and we can take it further.

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