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Thread: Ubuntu 10.10 and Cell C Speed stick

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    Ubuntu 10.10 and Cell C Speed stick

    Ok decided new thread since as the other Ubuntu thread is different subject.

    Also for the record, I am NOT a PC wiz or even Ubuntu wiz so follow the advice at your risk! Nor can i probably assist beyond what is below...

    The 2 cell C packages available are the 2 Gig per month and the 5 G p/m. If you have the 5G, the good news it is literally and hopefully on your system just PnP. I tested the 5G at the Cell C store, it came up with no issues and was surfing in about 2 minutes - super fast!

    Believing all was OK, went off with 2G in hand and a smile only to find that it didn't work! It appears as though the issue is a switching issue between the storage and the modem, Ubuntu cant do this. This was the quick fix i came up with as CellC could not help and google didnt come up with to much.

    Hopefully there will be more logical and permanent fix soon!!

    Insert the stick
    Open COMPUTOR from places
    Right click the Cell C icon and click EJECT (this basically switches the stick)
    Wait a few seconds then click your wireless manager top right
    Click the New mobile broadband connection
    A wizord opens, just go through it.
    Once done, try connecting by clicking the cellc connection in the wireless manager.
    If it asks password, just hit enter. (there is no password for it in reality)
    If it does not work, then right click wireless manager, click EDIT CONNECTIONS
    Click MOBILE BROADBAND and then the CEllC connection
    Click PPP settings, CONFIGURE then deselect all of them except CHAP
    Click MOBILE BROADBAND, delete the Cellcis from user name, leave the password empty.
    Number should be *99#
    App should be INTERNET
    Network id blank
    Type - ANY
    PIN - not required, unless you enabled on another system (windows, mac etc), default PIN is 0000 but DO NOT enter it unless you made the PIN required on another system
    APPLY the changes
    Try again with connection

    Thats how i got mine to work finally. Beyond, that, really wish you luck! Maybe post the differences here if you got different results and changed.

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    Tried it all...

    I tried everything and now I give up!
    I removed Cellcis from the username field, password field is blank, but it won't connect! When Cellcis is typed in, the network indicator flickers rapidly and no connection is established! What to do? I spent so many hours on this! I've got Ubunto 10.10 as well... Modem is picked up perfectly by OS... It detects a signal for Cell C UMTS... But I fail to establish a connection...

    If anyone has any other tricks... please let me know :-)

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    I can't believe Cell C can distribute their hardware without either an installation disk for Debian based operating systems or at least some instructions.


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    You must set up the APN address under the modem set up. The public APN is 'internet'

    Normally the Windows installer does this for you.
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