We are pleased to announce openings for potential speakers for 2011:

The Gauteng SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network) is aimed at Professionals interested in networking, enhancing their knowledge or even sharing their knowledge to others within the IT sector. We have opening dates available for potential speakers for 2011:
1. (Taken) Thursday, 10 March 2011 - The Assurance over the quality of IT projects
2. (Available) Thursday, 12 May 2011
3. (Available) Thursday, 14 July 2011
4. (Available) Thursday, 15 September 2011
5. (Available) Thursday, 10 November 2011

Our events are held in Sandton, JHB, usually from 18:00 20:00 in the evenings, with a holding capacity of 50 members.

I would be happy to accommodate anyone interested and if you have any questions either as an attendee or potential speaker, you are welcome to email me on gvince@vincedevconsulting.co.za

You can also visit Vince Development Consulting