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Thread: National Youth Festival

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    National Youth Festival

    It appears the National Youth Festival didn't get off to a very good start. It started late, there was catering problems, transport problems, power failures....
    the National Youth Development Agency's Siyabonga Magadla said none of the speakers had confirmed their attendance and would not be present.

    He however indicated the sessions - which included "The right to housing", "The struggle for peace, sovereignty and solidarity against imperialism", "Public, free and universal access to education, science, culture and information" - would continue as planned without the politicians.

    This festival had a 69 million Rand budget, 40 million of which came from the National Lottery Board.


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    The last news I had on that agency was that it had been hijacked by the ANCYL. Apparently all but one of the board members are members of the ANCYL. Seeing as it's mandated to fund young business owners, the cause of interest is pretty obvious.

    It also explains the rather political agenda for a business funding and development agency.

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    The story about the ANCYL member phoning a senior EESHKOM person to assist Zuma's son to obtain subsidies, in a certain alternative energy sector - never happened.

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    I believe that the organizers of this event should be called to account for every cent that has been spent. I am no doubt dreaming if I expect some form of accountability on this issue. A status audit of before and after the event of the main players would no doubt be very interesting.

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