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Thread: who has managed to sell stuff on

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    who has managed to sell stuff on

    Has anyone been successful in selling anything on's website? I've had an account with them for probably 8years already and recently tried to register as a seller with them but have had no luck in registering, for 3 monhts now.

    I complete the registration form, and then keep getting this error:

    Apologies! We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and our technicians are working on the problem.
    Please check back later or contact us for anything further.
    Email or phone +2721 468 9200.

    Their support is non-existent The one time I managed to get hold of someone who could actually help he simply told me to resubmit the form. Well, I've been re-trying for about 3 months already.
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    Well I think they have a big problem at the moment. They have more sellers than buyers at the moment and that can be a real problem. Or they are simply too big to care.
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