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Thread: looks like a scam from telkom

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    looks like a scam from telkom

    Dear Telkom Internet customer

    We would like to introduce PC-Assist, a service that provides remote support for PC-related problems and queries. The service focuses on Windows XP, Windows 7 or Vista operating Systems.

    PC-assist enables qualified agents to provide desktop support to Telkom Internet customers via -

    • Talk-thru; and/or

    • remote access which allows a secure view of the customer’s computer over the Internet, utilizing remote support technology.

    Customers can call the Telkom Internet Contact Centre on 10215 to access the service which is available around the year between 07h00 and 22h00.

    Pricing details are as follows:

    • The first 20 minutes (or part thereof) are charged at a premium of R119

    • Subsequent 10 minute intervals (or part thereof) are charged at R50.

    • Calls may last up to a maximum of 3 hours.

    Don’t be inconvenienced by PC problems. Save time and cut back on travel costs. Use PC-Assist!

    PC Assist Scope of Support includes the following:

    Microsoft (Windows XP and Vista)

    * Health checks e.g. Defragmentation and disk checks.

    * Removing viruses and spyware;
    * Software upgrades
    * Copying files from or to external media.
    * Hardware Support

    -External peripherals

    -e.g. Printers and Scanners etc)

    * Application Support (Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007) Software installation;


    Repair Internet Applications (IE 6; 7; 8 and Outlook (2003 and 2007) and Express 6 upwards).

    Microsoft soft office installation

    Software component installation. E.g. install Outlook express; Outlook, Internet Explore & other browsers.

    Kind regards

    Telkom Internet

    just received this...and it managed to get past my spam block...which normally blocks all this type of junk...this just has scam written all over it...they should at least try get the spelling correct.

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