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Thread: Old PC ads - Only in the 80's

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    Old PC ads - Only in the 80's

    Here is an ad posted by Sharp back in 1989 of their first Laptop:

    Sharp PC-4501 Highlights
    80188 processor running @ 7.16 MHz
    640 Kilobytes of RAM
    In this ad Sharp is harping about its new laptop computer. If they want to show off the size by having a baby next to it, I recon they are pretty much telling you your first laptop will be like having your baby on your lap while you work…without the giggles…not very appealing

    To view all the ads, visit:30 Old PC Ads

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    Brings back many memories..............used to work for IBM in the 60's and 70's.

    Mainframes used to be the IBM 360 and later IBM 370 that would fill the Albert Hall. The only thing that I can recollect is that their chain printers used to be quicker than many of today's printers. It would actually spew out a stream of paper behind the machine that looked like a waterfall and all mechanical !
    Those were the days of the mechanically minded "engineer".
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    So many fond memories, computers was easy and they didn’t need much to work was unbelievably robust. These old computers were really not that bad. Yes they were heavy limited and froze a lot but I loved them for their simplistic function...
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