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Thread: ID theft through employment offer

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    ID theft through employment offer

    A new ID theft method of offering overseas employment is being used to obtain personal details,

    Police on Thursday warned of a scam offering overseas job opportunities which could lead to identity theft.

    National police spokesperson Captain Percy Morokane said the potential victim is contacted via email and offered overseas employment with many tempting benefits.

    Personal details are then requested from the recipient of the e-mail such as banking details, scanned identity documents and copies of their academic qualifications.

    On receipt of these documents, a fake employment contract is sent to the victim. The personal information provided could be used in identity theft, Morokane said.

    Full details on MyBroadband
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    Now it's dangerous to apply for a job

    Every now and then my faith in humanity gets rather severely tested.

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    It's dangerous to buy anything thru credit

    I seem to be victim whenever I purchase anything through credit. 2 years ago I bought a car for my wife and I end up having a account with over R7000 balance with Mr Price in Durban and the last I went to Durban was 5 years ago then. At the moment I am in a process of buying a house and somebody is busy getting finance to buy a Range Rover through a Dealer in florida. I think this is so because these days you opt for bond originators that assist you in getting finance and your documents are leaking through this channel.

    Loop holes are Motor Dealers that are not vigilant where they accept only copies of ID, Bank statement, Proof of address to apply for finance. Another is Bond Originators that sends application to all the banks that offer home loans. Due to competition and market conditions, finance houses just accept and process anything.

    The problem is that my credit report reflect enquieries done with all the banks. This person has changed postal address and the contact numbers. If I was not check my ITC records I wouldn't have picked it up that I am a fraud victim.

    In future I will apply for finance myself, at leased I know whom I have given my documents to and perhaps I can trace where the leakage was.

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