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Thread: Driving licence suspension now law as from 20/11/2010

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    Driving licence suspension now law as from 20/11/2010

    I got this on email:

    >>> Cheryl Whitaker 22/11/2010 09:43 >>>

    >>> <> 2010/11/22 09:23 AM >>>

    ( )

    Nov 22, 2010
    Dear Cheryl,Important information - Licence Suspension - Proclamation
    in the government gazette.

    Those that have attended our AARTO seminars are aware that since June
    2009 SASM has highlighted that a possible amendment to the National road
    Traffic Act was in the making, whereby Magistrates would be granted
    extra power to suspend driving licences in instances where motorists
    exceed 30km/h above the speed limit in urban areas (eg: 90+ km/h in a 60
    km/h zone) and 40km/h above the speed limit outside an urban area.

    This is now law as from 20/11/2010 and magistrate where necessary can
    flex their muscles and now suspend your licence. The simple principle
    now applies do not speed under any circumstances. The risk is great, the
    outcome is disastrous.
    View the amendments here DRIVING LICENCE SUSPENSION ( ).
    About SASM
    Contact SASM for all your AARTO needs is A-OK.
    SASM keeps you informed.

    © Copyright SASM 2009 2010
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    if we dont speed who is gona pay their salaries and all those fancy cameras they hide in the bush...

    i would hate to know how much revenew is generated from speeding.

    today i was heading back from my holiday and couldnt help to notice how many people drink and drive during the day...i noticed people sitting around vehicles drinking openly...then get in their vehicles and drive...i have never seen a booze bus setup during the day.

    the roads were extremely busy and only noticed traffic police presence at one location the entire trip...which included so serious road works...road closures...etc

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