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Thread: bail out

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    bail out

    i am looking for a bail out...about R3 million should do it...

    it seems this is becoming the norm all over the world...not just africa...i noticed ireland is now looking for a couple billion pounds

    the lifestyles of the rich and famous ( luxury lifestyles and always on TV for some crimminal activity...fraud corruption...rape...ethnic wipe out...etc etc ) doesnt seem to change...yet the sucker...the tax man must always bail them now when times are hard how about a bail out plan for comapnies...the tax payer.

    i could do with R3 million to improve my lifestyle...enjoy a couple of trips around the world.

    you will notice the politicians lifestyles never change just the level of debt of the country changes.

    you would never think there were starving people in africa...the way the politicians live...yet people pump billions into these countries...then you open your eyes and realise the politicians are selling out the riches...of the people.

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    Getting a bail out is easy. You just need to have the right conditions:
    • Find someone who can't afford to have you fail, and can scrape together the money somehow.
    • Find someone who feels guilty that you are failing (and can scrape together the money somehow).
    • Find someone who is prepared to pay for not making your problems their problem (even temporarily).

    The problem for us ordinary folk is people don't care whether you/we fail or succeed (which isn't all a bad thing if you think about it a bit).

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