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Thread: Where government money should be going.

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    Where government money should be going.

    A story that is inspiring and in a way depressing at the same time here.
    Teacher paid R300p/m
    It has come to light that a Pretoria teacher is paid only R300 a month even though he is the only maths and science teacher at Magogela High School. Pretoria - Victor Sebothoma, 24, a teacher from Hammanskraal in Northwest, has had to survive on R300 a month.

    Although he was not qualified, Sebothoma was the only maths and science teacher at the Magogela High School.

    He earlier studied financial management at the former Northwest Technikon, but couldn't complete his studies due to a lack of money. He then started offering extra maths and science classes at home.

    He started teaching the Grade 10s and 12s at the school in 2004. Initially he worked as a volunteer because the governing body was unable to pay him.

    He said he was not angry with the school or the parents, because he knew they couldn't afford more.

    Professor Jonathan Jansen, dean of the education department at the University of Pretoria, visited the school along with Professor Kobus Maree, a colleague, to see how the university and private sector could help.

    Jansen criticised the government for shirking its responsibility towards people like Sebothoma and the school. "This is exploitation and certainly also unethical to pay someone so little."

    Sebothoma, who also took care of his unemployed mother and a baby, said he was motivated by his passion for teaching and the desire to make a difference at the school and in the community. The pupils' marks had increased since he had started teaching them, he said proudly.

    Gideon Mokokwane, who has been the principal at the school since 1991, praised Sebothoma's work. He said the department showed no understanding, and had done nothing to help the school. There were only six teachers to teach about 180 pupils, and no maintenance was being done at the school, which was built by the community.

    Several pleas for help to Zacharia Tholo, former education MEC in Northwest, and the Reverend Johannes Tselapedi, the present MEC, led to nothing. The only help the school had received so far, were new toilets, including one for the disabled, which were recently completed.

    Jansen said he would make sure Sebothoma received a bursary in order to keep him in teaching.

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    But if government only invested in the people and spent our money wisely, our Deputy President couldn't have her little shopping jaunts to UAE. Position must have its perks.

    Looks like that story isn't over yet. I wonder how they are going to doctor this story to justify the trip?

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