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Thread: Registration requirments - Installation ELectrician

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    Registration requirments - Installation ELectrician

    According to the Occupational Health & Safety document (OHS3/1/5/7 "Registration as an accredited Person - 2006)", the "Option 3" requirements to register as an Installation Electrician fall under two headings .. a) Theoretical Qualification and b) Knowledge of Statutory Requirements.

    I'd like to know
    1) Am I correct in assuming that proof of practical electrical work experience is not a registration requirement?.

    2) I have a Masters Diploma in Electrical Engineering (light current) - Pretoria Technikon 1994. Does this qualification meet the theoretical Qualification requirement?

    3) How does one go about obtaining the "Unit standard 113894 - Test & Inspect 3-phase industrial/commercial installations"?

    4) Which of the the following 2 requirements must be obtained first: a - Installation rules 1&2 or b - Unit standard 113894?

    Thanks Trevor

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    Hello Trevor
    To answer your query:I suggest that you get the latest document (OHS3/1/5/9) of 2009.

    For your other questions:
    1) Your assumption is correct, however, remember that to qualify you do need to provide proof of practical electrical work. If you notice towards the end of the document, under the heading: "DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED" There is a mention of proof of practical experience among other things.

    2) I am not too sure with this one: If your qualification was (Heavy Current) then it was going to be easy (obvious).

    3)For the Unit Standards, you can get information from ESETA and also check with ECA training division near you. You can request information from me at and I will send you the contact details of the institution (in DURBAN) I did mine with.

    4) Installation Rules Paper 1 and 2 First, because for the unit standards you need all your qualifications including Paper 1&2. For the Unit standards you need to submit what is called the POE (Portfolio Of Evidence, which is usually a file) and once the file is completed you need to go for an assessment. Your Assessor will submit your POE and assment results to ESETA who will then (ESETA) issue you with the Certificate of competence upon satisfying themselves that you have everything in order.

    I hope, I have been of assistance to you.

    Thanks Fikani

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