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    tom tom gps

    i can kick myself for not reading the fine print myself when i purchased the tom gps.

    i went to makro to buy a garmin gps...while looking at the different units i noticed the tom tom was on i know why.

    it had free maps updates etc but i didnt read the fine print...for a short time period after the purchase 30 days.

    so now i decided to update my unit and load all the these new 10 word long street names which nobody can that i can find my way around durban...

    to find that everything is at a downloads...voice tags everything...nothing is free

    so next time you decide to invest in a GPS consider the price of the unit and the update cost of the maps...

    garmin you have to buy the software then only connect to a PC and do an update

    tom tom has a 30 day trial period then you pay if you dont connect to a pc within 30 days you also garmin.

    cost to upgrade every year R300 - 400

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    If I am not mistaken Garmin has a little trick too, I remember updating my Garmin once and it prompt me that it needed a new licence. Now you can only get it renewed via credit card and that can only be done online. So I had to stop doing updates... sucks...

    I don’t know if they changed it? Was a year ago now.
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    I never felt the need for GPS. A couple of my cellphones have had the facility but I've never bothered with it. I still use an old map book once in a while if I need to or I just look the place up on Google maps.
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    I have a Tomtom one and it updates maps for me free of charge, can also get some free voices. They do want to charge for speed camera warnings.
    For me it is great going to see new clients routes are planned pretty well. If there is a traffic jam just turn off and most times a new route is planned. So I am happy with it.
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    I have been a Garmin user for over 5 years now, and generally a very satisfied one.

    Just out of curiosity I bought myself a Tom Tom One on special at Makro recently, but I've since gone back to using my Garmin nuvi 1410.

    Both Garmin and Tom Tom, in my opinion, are much the same as far as map accuracy and coverage in Southern Africa is concerned, but I find that Garmin is a more polished (in terms of graphics) unit and the local support is superb - you can register, free of charge, with the South African Garmap forum. There are a lot of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful members there.

    Speed trap information is freely available with Garmin, but Tom Tom charges an annual fee for a less comprehensive database (again this is my opinion and experience).

    Both Tom Tom and Garmin units come pre-loaded with the latest mapsets and both companies charge an annual fee of about R350 to keep up to date. With regard to Garmin, there are about three mapset releases a year - not too sure about Tom Tom.

    A big plus with Tom Tom is the ability to edit any inaccuracies with the mapset on your unit and, when you next connect your unit to the internet via your computer, your changes can be shared with other Tom Tom users.

    On the other hand, I love Garmin's Mapsource software, which is an application installed on your computer, with which you can plan trips, save waypoints and tracks and many other useful functions.
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    I'm like Andy - give me a map book, although I've recently taken to using Google Maps for route planning long trips to parts of the country I haven't been to before - especially if I feel like taking the scenic route.

    However, when it comes to township work, my staff swear by using GPS to find the right house - and by the looks of things they're absolutely right.
    Quote Originally Posted by IanF View Post
    I have a Tomtom one...

    For me it is great going to see new clients routes are planned pretty well. If there is a traffic jam just turn off and most times a new route is planned. So I am happy with it.
    Funny you mention that - I was advised to go for Garmin because it re-routes you if you go "off-course" better than Tom Tom does.

    On the licences and renewals - I think you have to watch what's on the packages. Some offers seem to incude better licencing deals than others.

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    I own one of each and there is not much to chose between these only for one irritating thing on the TT, the visual speed zone warning is WAY too small. You do have audio but I normally turn the volume down because "I know where I am going " and sometimes one misses the speed cameras. Also nice on the TT is that via you cellphone it will download mobile cameras that other motorists uploaded when they went through ( You hope ).
    On the downside........the arrival time at destination is also way out e.g. to travel say 60 Km on the freeway it indicates a required hour. It does correct itself as you go along but that is no good if you want your friends to know what time you should be arriving. Here I found the Garmin to be virtually spot on.
    I guess that frequently it is the price that dictates what you buy.
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    wow, the fee to upgrade is so high, i would suggest our manager to price our gps higher

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    What do you guys think of "Navigon"? I've seen them going in HiFi Corp for around R1,100 and they look really nice.
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